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At Crimson Stables, we offer riding lessons for every type of rider.  Whether you have never been around a horse before, are getting back into the saddle after some time off, or are an experienced horse person, our 60 minute lessons will be tailored specifically to your ability level and we will go at your pace.  We offer lessons in English and Western riding, along with more specialized disciplines like Dressage, Hunter Jumpers, and Showmanship.  Learn more below about what type of lesson might be right for you below, along with information on how to sign up for a lesson online today!

Starter Package

$299 | Includes Helmet, Riding Gloves, Short Riding Boots, Crimson Stables T-Shirt

Our unique Starter Package is a GREAT way to kick start your equestrian journey!  We make sure you are set up for success from day one by ensuring you have all the necessary gear to start learning and riding!  For English and Western riders, a helmet, gloves, riding boots, and a Crimson Stables t-shirt are all included in this package!  Also included are four 60 minute private riding lessons...your introduction to the world of horses and riding!  Designed with the beginner rider in mind, this package is also great for riders coming back after a long break from the saddle. 

Private Lesson Package

$325 includes six (6) private lessons in Western or English

Our private lesson package is great for any rider, and includes six one-hour long private lessons for the price of $325!

Western Lessons

$45 (group) - $65 (private) | All lessons are 60 minutes.

We offer western riding lessons for all ability levels. The Western discipline evolved from early cowboys spending long days in the saddle, moving cattle and completing day to day work around the ranch.  A large, comfortable saddle with a horn is a signature of the style, designed to distribute a rider's weight evenly across their horses back.  We offer Western lessons for beginner riders as well as advanced riders, in addition to lessons in more stylized Western disciplines such as Horsemanship and Showmanship. 

English Lessons

$45 (group) - $65 (private) | All lessons are 60 minutes.

From beginners to advanced, we offer English lessons for every rider.  The English discipline is derived from early military moves perfected by the cavalry used in combat.  Compared to the Western saddle, the English saddle is much smaller and fits closer to the horses back, allowing for a more clear connection to be felt between horse and rider.  We offer English lessons for riders of every level, as well as specialized disciplines like Dressage, Hunter Jumpers, and Three Day Eventing.

Private Lessons

$65 | All lessons are 60 minutes.

We offer private lessons for riders looking for individualized instruction.  Private lessons allow for the one-on-one instruction necessary to build a strong foundation in horses.  We recommend private lessons for all our new riders as well as riders who are coming back to the saddle after some time off.  However, if group lessons are your interest, let us know and our amazing instructors will work with you to get you at a level safe for group riding as soon as possible. 

Group Lessons

$45/rider | All lessons are 60 minutes.

Group lessons are great for riders who are able to confidently execute basic control exercises on their horses like stopping and steering.  Riders in our group lessons are expected to have a level of independence when riding, are should be able to safely stay on task and focused in their lesson without constant, direct supervision from an instructor.  Group lessons consist of 2-6 riders, and we work hard with all of our students to ensure all riders are riding with others of a similar level.  Group lessons are available in both the English and Western discipline. 

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