Three Tips to More Effectively Put on a Bridle

While significant attention is often paid to correctly fitting saddles to horses, it seems like little is paid to the proper approach to bridle putting a bridle on. Following these tips is as simple as 1 2 3 and will will make a big difference!

1. Put your reins over your horse’s head.

Before removing your horses halter, put your reins over your horse’s head to ensure that you have a secure hold of them.

2. Hold your bridle over your wrist, not in your hand.

Hold your bridle on your wrist like a purse or a bag. This will ensure that you’ve got a free hand to help take off your halter or hold your horse. Once you are ready to put on your bridle, use your other hand to remove the bridle from your wrist and position it in front of your horse’s face and mouth.

3. Stand to the side of your horse, not in front of them!

Standing in front of your horse will allow them to easily turn away from you and make it more difficult to put on your bridle. By standing to their side, you are more easily positioned to hold both your horse and your bridle effectively.

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