3 Ways Horses Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Animal therapy is a form of healing that has taken the mainstage over the past few years. But did you know that equine therapy can cause a huge improvement in your anxiety levels and confidence?

Here are 3 ways that horses can positively impact your life.

1.       Judgement- free zone

Pressures from the office, friends, family and strangers and cause people to feel overwhelmed. Horses have no expectations and can provide you with a space that requires you to be in the moment. They don’t care what you wear, they just want to be loved.

2.       Improve non-verbal ques

Horses rely on us to show them what to do. If we’re up tight and anxious, the horse will mirror our actions. If we’re standoffish, the horse will be standoffish. As we learn to control our actions, the horse will learn to control theirs too.

3.       Put your mind at ease

Horses change from “at attention” to “at ease” very quickly. Humans, however, get upset about something and it can take them an hour or even a day, week, or month to get over it and become “at ease”. Horse can help you learn how to acknowledge a situation and then transition back into a state of ease.

While Crimson Stables riding lesson programs aren't technically classified as mainstream forms of "equine therapy", our students and families often seem to experience similar benefits.

We encourage people of all ages to come give our unique take on "equine therapy" a chance! We invite you to drop in anytime to tour our stables, learn about our English and Western Riding programs - and find out for yourself if horses can improve your life by scheduling a lesson today!

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