3 Tips for Nervous Riders

Learning to ride can be intimidating. Many riders, both new and experienced, can get nervous. Nervousness is totally normal, and thankfully there are ways to combat it. With the help of a Crimson Stables riding instructor, you can learn how to improve your skill and boost your confidence while riding.

  1. When you are nervous about riding, make sure you only ride while in lessons. Practicing with an instructor there not only helps you improve quickly, but they can also help to distract your brain from the nervousness. By talking you through your lessons, your instructor will help you get rid of nervousness while you improve.

  2. Request or choose to ride a horse that you are comfortable with. Riding a horse you trust can help you gain confidence in yourself and let you focus on improving your own riding, instead of being worried about what the horse might do.

  3. Always try to remain calm. Horses can pick up on stress in their riders, and even the quietest lesson horse could get worried if their rider is. Take lots of deep breaths to keep your heart rate down, and stay relaxed in your body. This will keep you from sending mixed or even incorrect signals to your horse, and ensure a calm and enjoyable ride.

If you are learning, interested in beginning lessons, or continuing your equestrianism, Crimson Stables can help you. Our team would love to help you overcome any obstacles and be the best rider you can. Call us today at 812-287-7326 or learn more about what we offer at .

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