Buddy Lesson Program

Have you always dreamed of taking horseback riding lessons, but never actually given it a try?

Get a buddy, take a lesson together for just $30/each!*

If you've NEVER ridden at Crimson Stables before, get a friend and sign up for a Buddy Lesson today!  A Buddy Lesson is a riding lesson for you and your friend to begin your horseback riding journey together!  You'll each have your own instructor guiding you throughout the lesson, but your time in the arena is shared and you will get an opportunity to spend some time riding side by side! 

Buddy Lessons are $30 a rider, and may only be used once per new set of students.  

*Both riders must have never taken a lesson at Crimson Stables to be eligible for the Buddy Lesson rate.

(812) 287-7326              info@CrimsonStables.com

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